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Level 3 Diploma in Computerized Bookkeeping - Part B
Tue 20 Aug 2013 10:06 PM
Practice Licence

22 posts
Dear Friends,

I am appearing and working on level 3 Computerised book keeping and wondering if someone guide on following :

While completing part B of level 3 computerised are we ok to use Word for theory question i.e type in my answer in microsoft word  or do we have to actually hand written our answers on A4 and have to scan and send it to ICB?

Further on part B i have a question on Stock valuation - am i ok to use Excel to prepare the valuation sheet or do i need to again use A4 plain paper and hand written stock valuation ; scan and send to ICB??

Thank you for your help in advance,

Wed 21 Aug 2013 12:25 AM


No Membership

103 posts
Ruchi, these appear to be questions you should be directing at ICB.
Although people here may well be qualified to answer your questions through experience, the ICB are the proverbial "Horses mouth" as it were. Wink


"My reconciliations are guaranteed 100% mistack free" - non ICB member

"I started out with nothin and I still got most of it left" – Seasick Steve (2008)

Wed 21 Aug 2013 09:19 AM
Brian @ Ideal Schools

Brian @ Ideal Schools

Accredited Training Provider

416 posts
Hi Ruchi,

It is perfectly ok for you to send in electronic copies of your work. However, I would advise that after compiling your work in Excel & Word that you convert these to PDF documents so your finished work cannot be accidentally changed.

Good luck.

Kind regards   


Brian McVean  
Course Advisor/Tutor
Ideal Schools, Glasgow
0141 248 5200 - 0800 028 1404  

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